Double the EoV, Double the Fun!

So, not being content with accidentally clearing EverQuest Classic in an FFA raid, this week the brave warriors and spell slingers of Magic and Melee sallied from the guild hall to raid the Plane of Sky and trample Eye of Veeshan, Overseer of Air and countless mini bosses firmly and convincingly into the ground… Twice on the same night!!

That’s right. Raid Force Alpha and Raid Force Omega both cleared Sky simultaneously on April 8th the Year of our Lord 2019.

Shortly after leaving the battlefield, our intrepid reporters at the guild hall approached our brave adventurers to find out just how they accomplished this simply marvelous feat of raiding. They then shared this intricately laid out strat guide with us:

Truly, with such great artists and tacticians as these within our ranks, surely all the fell creatures of Norrath will henceforth despawn and glitch out at the approach of our mighty warhost(s)

Congrats to Magic and Melee for putting the Plane of Sky on farm. We’re all looking forward to beating the starch out of all the loot piƱata’s Classic has to offer on the regular for the next several weeks before terrorizing the slimy, scaly devils and demons of Kunark lurking ahead of us in a month or two.