Down with DoN

  • Ran to the top of Ascent without Selo's 5 times? Yup
  • Completely wiped Stillmoon Temple of level 55 Goblins? Yup
  • Random teleportation after dropping a task? Yup
  • Super fun long load times? Yup
  • Farming dragons to rip out their eyeballs? Yup
  • Steadfast Army? Yup

         DoN launch went about as all the others, lots of lag, lots of fun 4 hour expansion clear for a 2 month grind! We'll be here farming away dragon eyeballs, counting down the days to DoDH. Join us! Hit that Apply link at the top of the page, or reach out to Morsel, Cosauno, Heelyaz, Draygon or Durtt, all classes are open!