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General Discussion / Magic and Melee’s April 2019
« on: April 28, 2019, 11:39:01 PM »
April 2019 is officially in the books for the Magic and Melee hordes! Here’s some highlights from our guild hall and adventures across Norrath!

Sikkunn paying artistic tribute to Flic for his Journeyman’s Boots

Laberintica, Sildra, Kovak and Constantly having a fish off ^_^

Nuerion proudly showing off his Chaos Space Marines minis.

Invincible fighting for the Emperor of Mankind with his Ultramarines

Atabishi receiving fan mail on the official EQ forums

Sikkunn raiding a RL paradise. <3

Sister of the Spire having a tough day at work thanks to a Magic and Melee FFA raid ^_^

Leuts having a tough day in EverQuest thanks to exhaustion ^_^

Clubba asking for heals on the Plane of Sky FFA ^_~

Itchin drinking a beer for M&M

Invincible learning his doods from his doodettes

Zero photoshopping Invincible picking up Camo aggro

Liah sharing End Game madness from Canada ^_^

… Oh! And we also massacred a metric !@# ton of raid mobs, so there’s that too, I guess? =/
See you in May, Mangler! ^_^

General Discussion / Double the EoV, Double the Fun!
« on: April 17, 2019, 08:38:50 AM »
So, not being content with accidentally clearing EverQuest Classic in an FFA raid, this week the brave warriors and spell slingers of Magic and Melee sallied from the guild hall to raid the Plane of Sky and trample Eye of Veeshan, Overseer of Air and countless mini bosses firmly and convincingly into the ground… Twice on the same night!!

That’s right. Raid Force Alpha and Raid Force Omega both cleared Sky simultaneously on April 8th the Year of our Lord 2019.

Shortly after leaving the battlefield, our intrepid reporters at the guild hall approached our brave adventurers to find out just how they accomplished this simply marvelous feat of raiding. They then shared this intricately laid out strat guide with us:

Truly, with such great artists and tacticians as these within our ranks, surely all the fell creatures of Norrath will henceforth despawn and glitch out at the approach of our mighty warhost(s)

Congrats to Magic and Melee for putting the Plane of Sky on farm. We’re all looking forward to beating the starch out of all the loot piñata’s Classic has to offer on the regular for the next several weeks before terrorizing the slimy, scaly devils and demons of Kunark lurking ahead of us in a month or two.

General Discussion / Magic and Melee -- Split Raids Engage!
« on: April 16, 2019, 10:20:20 AM »
Wonder what it's like raiding with us here at Magic and Melee?

Sit back, relax and check out this video by our Adventurers Suvus and Kryptox to find out how M&M wrecks raid bosses across Norrath like it's our job. ^_^


Public Archives / The Sky is Falling!
« on: April 13, 2019, 05:05:43 PM »
Led by Warlord Atabishi, Magic and Melee took down Eye of Veeshan over a FFA weekend raid with very low numbers. (49 for Bee and 35 for EoV) Super impressed with all the hard work put in after losing all those keys not once, but twice from server crashes. Great work Ata and team! Congratulations M&M for completing Classic!

General Discussion / Free pickzone! 8)
« on: April 03, 2019, 03:46:41 AM »
Hi Team Mangler!

In the two or three short weeks since the launch of Mangler the swords and spells of Magic and Melee have proven that be it dragon or god - none can withstand the might & magic of our adventurers.

You simply cannot miss our DKP pain train of adventurers when they show up to take on the deadliest denizens of Norrath ^_^

But channeling Michael Fassbender in Prometheus...

... channeling Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia:

...We didn't start out this way!

Proving that all big things have small beginnings, Magic and Melee first started out as a dream between just three longtime EQ friends: Remloch, Gakule and Tarot.

And in the months prior to the release of Mangler these three friends had simply no idea just how quickly their original dream would soon be shared by hundreds of players (veterans, returnees and newbies) like themselves. You can find out more about how this DKP juggernaut got started via this moving write up by Dungeon Master Tarot:


And in case you're too much of a lazy git to check out the link, here's some of my favorite lines from Tarot's article:

"Our intention was never “server firsts” or “open world” – And while we are boasting with pride that we accomplished these things, it is not the fiber of what M&M is about... Our goals will always be encircled with our very large family in mind. But I promise you that we won’t feel like strangers after you’ve raided with us and shared an adventure or two."

There is no arguing we're very good at crushing content but what we're about first and foremost is providing a Big Tent guild for all kinds of different players here on Mangler. As long as your not a toxic a$$hat you are sure to find a welcome home with us on Mangler.

We'll always be open to talented players. Check out our application forums to find out how you can join the Magic & Melee fun ^_^


Public Archives / Written by Tarot: Humbled Beginnings…
« on: March 29, 2019, 02:19:58 AM »

Written by Dungeon Master Tarot:

Humbled Beginnings…

When the 3 of us (Remloch, Gakule and Tarot) sat down and started to hash out the details of what would become <Magic and Melee>, we never envisioned in a million years that we would be raiding, let alone split raiding right off the bat.

Every turn has given us a huge surprise. We all honestly expected a total shit-show our first few raids. But we have been so lucky to have some really amazing players working super well together and have accomplished 10 fold our original plan.

Are you interested in M&M, but a little intimidated by our size? We sure are! Every time I boot up my PC and hop into Discord and see the 20+ questions, for one split second I sigh, but then I realize how lucky we are. Because this foundation will carry us through middle-child expansion woes, “Oh no it’s Gates of Discord and love-child PoP is ending” syndrome, and keep us strong and moving forward while Mangler makes it way through.

How cool is it to be part of the 20th Anniversary server? I really think that is a special way to think of Mangler. Don’t treat this as another TLP for you to advance quickly through. Treat it as you did 20 years ago. Try new quests. Get to know your guild-mates and server. And if you’re not a veteran player then enjoy every single moment you can and trust me the chaos will make sense after you’ve done it a few times. EQ hasn’t survived 20 years because it’s easy. It’s the variables that make it amazing.

The size of our guild will ebb and flow. Sometimes you will feel like you are 1 of 15 of your class and then 3 weeks later, you might see 3 of you. You will have groups of folks break off thinking the grass is greener somewhere else or that they can run a better guild. And to these people, we wish you the best whatever road you choose. But it is for these very reasons why we will never refuse a max level exceptional player the ability to apply with us. Because that mind set allows for split raiding at your best and a full raid at your worst.

When people hear “split raiding” they get afraid. Very afraid. And usually for good reason. Not a lot of guilds have successfully split raided. But we are different, I promise you. We will get it done and we will get it done together.

Our intention was never “server firsts” or “open world” – And while we are boasting with pride that we accomplished these things, it is not the fiber of what M&M is about.

It might appear on the outside that we are a very large “zerg” guild, and that you would just be considered “enchanter_016”. But that really has not been the case. We are already becoming very close knit. And once you split raid successfully a few times, you understand the process.

The guild aura and morale of M&M is very important to us. In the short time we’ve been founded, the raids we have done (both split and OW) have really pulled our people together. We want to keep raids friendly and fun, but still focused and to strive every time to be better than the last. We will push you. We will challenge you. Hell, we challenge ourselves to break. But that’s what makes playing EQ after 20 years still fun.

Our goals will always be encircled with our very large family in mind. But I promise you that we won’t feel like strangers after you’ve raided with us and shared an adventure or two.

Thanks for being the Magic of Magic and Melee Adventurers.

General Discussion / Magic & Melee Content Creators List
« on: March 25, 2019, 09:21:17 PM »
Are you an M&M content creator for EQ? Share your content with us, poost your Twitch or YouTube channel here! I'll kick this off with my own:

Gorgol Greenblood - The Shadow Knight

Knard's Necromancer shenanigans


Freddie G

Vorshayla's Yakuza series full walkthroughs

Streaming Day 1 adventures here:


Public Archives / Welcome to the Role-Playing Forum!
« on: March 11, 2019, 07:53:57 AM »
Hail Adventurers!

We here at Magic & Melee aim to cater all kinds of players, from the raiders to the role-players and everything in-between. This section of the forums is dedicated to anyone in Magic & Melee looking for what I like to call an MMORPG Arts & Crafts space.

Do you want to keep a role-playing diary of your adventures with us on Mangler? Do you want to keep an ever expanding dedicated thread for your video or text Let's Play, Twitch streams, post EQ related artwork or simply blog about your trip through Mangler with Magic & Melee?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you've probably come to the right place, this section of the forums has been setup for you!

The Rules:

1. Keep it PG-13

As the Moderator here I am hoping to not do much modding but it goes without saying, this is a public forum and explicit content will be deleted. Repeated violations will get you a referral to the forum admin for banning consideration.

2. No Trolling

Lastly, I understand that some of you might put a lot of effort into this section of the forums. As the thread author / content creator, I believe you ought to have some control over your thread.

If you find your thread being trolled or cluttered up with unwanted / unwelcome feedback, let me know and I will be happy to bring out my clippers and cut out the offending posts to keep it on-topic and focused on your content.

That's it on the rules for now. We encourage any and all role-players among us to take advantage of this section of the forums and can't wait to see what kind of content you come up! So dust off your spellbooks, sharpen your swords and you see in the lands of Norrath, adventurer!

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