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Author Topic: ***POTENTIAL APPLICANTS MUST READ THIS***  (Read 8453 times)


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<Magic and Melee> no longer accepts applications through our forums. We have streamlined this process using a Google Survey sheet. You can find the sheet linked here on this page or click the "Apply" button on our home page.

Please take this process seriously and read this in its entirety.

Application Requirements
You must be L70
You must have at least 200 AA to apply. 300 AA is required for promotion to membership.
Clerics must have their 1.0 for promotion, but not to apply.
Low need classes may be subject to extra approval measures up to and including: longer application period, gear requirements, bid restrictions, and/or DM decision.
If your class is closed you may still apply, but you should be prepared to impress us. You will need to show us knowledge of your class and the raid content. Another member of the Magic and Melee must also be willing to vouch for you.
You must be willing to learn and adapt quickly.

You are required to do a Discord voice interview with an Officer prior to receiving your tag.

Class Needs

Bard: High
Beastlord: High
Berserker: Open
Cleric: High
Druid: Low
Enchanter: Open
Magician: Open
Monk: Closed
Necromancer: High
Paladin: Low
Ranger: Open
Rogue: High
Shadow Knight: Low
Shaman: Low
Warrior: Low
Wizard: Open

Please register in the forums using your IN GAME FIRST name.
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