Helena and Hempo assume the Guide position

Breaking news from Magic and Melee: Mangler… Some recent promotions has everyone cheering and congratulating Hempo and Helena as they have been promoted to the Guide position. They are both extraordinary individuals and have graciously agreed to become Guides and assist the guild moving forward.

Helena pictured above showing M&M adventurers old maps of Velious


Neither of these fine Guides are scared of a challenge or buckling down with the times call for it. Throughout their career at Magic and Melee both Helena and Hempo have excelled and demonstrated exemplary leadership abilities that have led to our success. We are very excited to have them within the leadership team.

Hempo pictured above assisting a fellow Guide up a steep incline

Hempo is well known for his potion empire. If Hempo was stranded on a deserted island with two figs and a blueberry bush in 3 hours he would have enough Heal-Over-Time potions and other nefarious goodies to supply all our splits for weeks on end.

Hempo pictured above at a Potion Convention in Cabilis

It is great to have both of you on board and we look forward to working together for the bright future of Magic and Melee and its people.