Humbled Beginnings…

When the 3 of us (Remloch, Gakule and Tarot) sat down and started to hash out the details of what would become <Magic and Melee>, we never envisioned in a million years that we would be raiding, let alone split raiding right off the bat.

Every turn has given us a huge surprise. We all honestly expected a total shit-show our first few raids. But we have been so lucky to have some really amazing players working super well together and have accomplished 10 fold our original plan.

Are you interested in M&M, but a little intimidated by our size? We sure are! Every time I boot up my PC and hop into Discord and see the 20+ questions, for one split second I sigh, but then I realize how lucky we are. Because this foundation will carry us through middle-child expansion woes, “Oh no it’s Gates of Discord and love-child PoP is ending” syndrome, and keep us strong and moving forward while Mangler makes it way through.

How cool is it to be part of the 20th Anniversary server? I really think that is a special way to think of Mangler. Don’t treat this as another TLP for you to advance quickly through. Treat it as you did 20 years ago. Try new quests. Get to know your guild-mates and server. And if you’re not a veteran player then enjoy every single moment you can and trust me the chaos will make sense after you’ve done it a few times. EQ hasn’t survived 20 years because it’s easy. It’s the variables that make it amazing.

The size of our guild will ebb and flow. Sometimes you will feel like you are 1 of 15 of your class and then 3 weeks later, you might see 3 of you. You will have groups of folks break off thinking the grass is greener somewhere else or that they can run a better guild. And to these people, we wish you the best whatever road you choose. But it is for these very reasons why we will never refuse a max level exceptional player the ability to apply with us. Because that mind set allows for split raiding at your best and a full raid at your worst.

When people hear “split raiding” they get afraid. Very afraid. And usually for good reason. Not a lot of guilds have successfully split raided. But we are different, I promise you. We will get it done and we will get it done together.

Our intention was never “server firsts” or “open world” – And while we are boasting with pride that we accomplished these things, it is not the fiber of what M&M is about.

It might appear on the outside that we are a very large “zerg” guild, and that you would just be considered “enchanter_016”. But that really has not been the case. We are already becoming very close knit. And once you split raid successfully a few times, you understand the process.

The guild aura and morale of M&M is very important to us. In the short time we’ve been founded, the raids we have done (both split and OW) have really pulled our people together. We want to keep raids friendly and fun, but still focused and to strive every time to be better than the last. We will push you. We will challenge you. Hell, we challenge ourselves to break. But that’s what makes playing EQ after 20 years still fun.

Our goals will always be encircled with our very large family in mind. But I promise you that we won’t feel like strangers after you’ve raided with us and shared an adventure or two.

Thanks for being the Magic of Magic and Melee Adventurers.