Magic and Melee’s April 2019

April 2019 is officially in the books for the Magic and Melee hordes! Here’s some highlights from our guild hall and adventures across Norrath!

Sikkunn paying artistic tribute to Flic for his Journeyman’s Boots


Laberintica, Sildra, Kovak and Constantly having a fish off ^_^


Nuerion proudly showing off his Chaos Space Marines minis.


Invincible fighting for the Emperor of Mankind with his Ultramarines


Atabishi receiving fan mail on the official EQ forums


Sikkunn raiding a RL paradise. <3


Sister of the Spire having a tough day at work thanks to a Magic and Melee FFA raid ^_^


Leuts having a tough day in EverQuest thanks to exhaustion ^_^


Itchin drinking a beer for M&M


Clubba asking for heals on the Plane of Sky FFA ^_~


Invincible learning his doods from his doodettes


Zero photoshopping Invincible picking up Camo aggro


Liah sharing End Game madness from Canada ^_^


… Oh! And we also massacred a metric !@# ton of raid mobs, so there’s that too, I guess? =/

See you in May, Mangler! ^_^