Meet The Guide: Mamma

I had a few minutes to go and meet Mamma, a guide of Magic and Melee, for a coffee and we had a great conversation about the game and guild. I began with an easy question as I heard she can be quite ferocious and didn’t want to lose a limb to the Iksar Shaman.. I asked “How do you like EQ and what is your favorite thing about it?” and she replied.. “I ADORE Everquest and my favorite part about it is the people (all u M&M folks) and the fact that you never truly run outta things to do!”

Her love for the game was infectious and it was readily apparent she thoroughly enjoyed this game and what it had to offer. The interview was going great and it was a nice day so we decided to take a stroll along the boardwalk and see the sites as the interview progressed. I had to brace myself for probably the most sensitive topic of the interview the Ancient Jarsath. Mamma, as a guide, with her bard was able to get many guild members their key piece from this elusive and highly sought after skeleton.

“As a guide, you secured more AJs for members than anyone else in the guild, it was very impressive, what kind of strategy did you use or is it Mamma’s Top Secret recipe?” she glanced at me angrily and began to spin around and whip her tail at me. I had to jump off the boardwalk into the ocean below to escape the enraged Mamma because of this question. The ocean water was very cold for August and there was recently a shark threat in the area. From up above she yelled from over the railing.. “Mainly I just focused on the north, middle or south areas and prayed to god it would spawn while slaughtering stuff… patience and shaman dots and bard speed is what u need /nod”

She began to leave the boardwalk as I was swimming to the shore and I had to see if I could salvage this interview being a dedicated journalist. I approached her and apologized for my question. She allowed me to continue with the interview so I graciously pressed onward.. “What are you looking forward to most on this server?” she easily responded.. “The thing I’m looking forward to the most is probably either AA’s or lucid shard farming… i have an illness when it comes to farming junk heh.”

I think we can all relate to you on that one Mamma, I for one, am addicted to farming junk as well. As the interview was coming to a close we just so happened to come across a fancy ice cream parlor so I offered to buy her one scoop of her favorite ice cream. “Thank you kindly for this interview Mamma, I have 75 cents left to my name because I started a new career as a freelance Magic and Melee journalist and I would like to treat you to one scoop of your favorite ice cream..” She looked at me confused but replied.. “Mint Chocolate Chip.”

The sun was setting and the interview had come to an end but there was still one pressing question I knew had to be asked.. “If there was an epic age old war going on between wood elves and dark elves and you had to choose a side.. would you go wood elf or dark elf?” She laughed and her eyes sharply focused.. “DARK ELF ALL THE WAY MUWAHHAAAHA!” I jumped back a few steps because she was screaming but soon began speaking in a calm voice.. “We darkies gonna rule the roost soon u watch =3 DE’s so cool and sexy like that /nod”

It was a great interview and we parted ways but I was left with one general sentiment.. We sure are lucky to have Mamma Bear around!