M&M defeats PoP – Story at 11

Hello everyone! Boy oh boy has it been a fun 2 weeks on Mangler!

Planes of Power released on 2/12/2020 - It was at this time that Magic and Melee showed their true spirits and came together as a united force with one goal in mind.. Slay the Gods and bring the dragon to its knees. Let me tell ya folks, M&M did just that over a grueling week of raiding long hours. Mostly just sitting in Plane of Storms, bonding and thinking about killing giants. (Okay srsly DPG, some of these giants took over 12 hours to spawn with your new spawn timer variance based on how many toons are in the zone)


Anyways, I am proud to say that I am extremely happy with everyone's dedication to the end goal. We definitely had our fair share of set backs thanks to DPG, but also had our fair share of luck when dealing with the devs.

Thanks go out to GM Serl for logging in late Sunday evening to answer our spam of petitions after finding out that when they "fixed" our Rallos flags that we lost due to the server crashing, they took away our Vallon and Tallon flags.. All was fixed by Serl after about 90 minutes of sending him names of people who needed the proper flag. We were back on our way after this!

With all of the Elemental Planes defeated, it was time to enter Time =)

We gave the force a much needed night off and decided to lay waste to the dungeon on our regular scheduled raid night instead of having our guys raid, yet again, on a non scheduled night. We got started about an hour early for prep time and explanation of the events, and the occasional wipe. Plane of Time was cleared and the expansion was finished just 1 week and a day after launch. Much loots were had, and much sleep was obtained after Quarm fell.


My hats off again to this amazing raid team, the amazing officer core standing behind me for all the prep work. This was truly a great experience that I hope every single member of M&M enjoyed. LDoN and GoD from here boys and girls, are y'all ready?



Warlord Remloch the Godslayer