M&M: Mangler gets a new Dungeon Master!

Exciting news from Everquest on the Mangler Time-Locked Progression server. Within the management ranks of Magic and Melee, Guide Durtt has been promoted to Dungeon Master.

Durtt pictured above fending off terrible foes

    Durtt spends endless amounts of time maintaining crucial guild features. What you may not know about Durtt.. He loves his bard Mellon. Mellon is also Durtt’s companion for our official guild raids. Durtt’s general knowledge of the game and organizational prowess landed himself the top position at Magic and Melee: Mangler. Always striving to achieve the best from himself and his guild members it is easy to see why the other two Dungeon Masters, Remloch and Gakule decided to promote Durtt.

Pictured above Durtt is well known for his hunting prowess

    Overseeing vast projects and dedicating incredible amounts of time to ensure functions of the guild don’t cease, Durtt has proven to be a key contributor to the success of Magic and Melee to this day. It takes a leader to build a village, and Durtt’s village is the one everyone wants to live in. Popular for his loot handling and hailing from Raid 1, Durtt takes the initiative when others fail to take advantage of the situation.

Durtt pictured above overseeing the Velious expansion project

    Magic and Melee is a large guild with a great group of leaders, it was sad to see you leave the guide offices that day and head toward the elevators to the executive offices. Although it was a tough moment to bare, we all know in our hearts you will take care of us dearly. We all want to congratulate you Durtt on your promotion to Dungeon Master, you are a perfect fit for the position and we are excited to see the new things you bring to the table.

Durtt pictured above leaving the Guide offices