So Long Velious…

What can I say about Velious? It's been a lot of fun building snowmen, having snowball fights for hours, losing the gnomes in the piles of snow.. We're still looking for Terses if anyone has seen him... Short gnome, wears green armor, hasn't been seen since we rocked Avatar of Wars world and he got his Blade of Carnage finally.. Rumor has it Dirkie tripped him on the way out of Kael and he fell into a snow mound .. In all seriousness, M&M coming out of Velious with all Warriors equipped with a BoC is $$$$.. Gratzz guys!

M&M definitely showed we are a force to be reckoned with throughout Velious with our members coming together and splitting content, way to rise to the challenge M&M, I'm super proud of all of you. Thank you!

That's not to say M&M didn't suffer some tribulations during Velious.. Again this deserves recognition to the members who stuck it out, you are all what makes this guild so great. To the members we lost along the way, I wish you all well in your adventures.

I have personally enjoyed seeing all of the friendships (new and old) grow as we slogged through the snow. It's been an immense pleasure being a Co-Leader of this great guild. I can't wait to see what we conquer in Luclin and beyond.

Now on to some of the very few screenshots we managed to remember to take during Velious..

Reminder to all the new applicants...


Here we have Durtt & crew overlooking Kerafyrm the Sleeper before he was rudely awoken by an evil box crew!

Laberintica the friendly Rogue caught himself almost being eaten by Yelinak! Luckily we were able to lay waste to him before this shot was taken!

Someone captured a shot of me hanging out with everyones favorite Dragon Ring camper, Wuoshi... She certainly caused enough headache for all the guilds on the server I'm sure!

If you're looking for a guild who plans on leaving their footprints all over the moon, be sure to reach out to one of our friendly Recruitment Officers! We're always on the lookout for people who enjoy playing and challenging themselves!

Hope all of the other Mangler guilds had a great time in the snow.. Last one on the ship to Luclin buys dinner =)


Remloch the Druid