Seeing Double Dragons

Was an epic night with Magic and Melee as we started off for our first official dragons kills and why not clear them both at the same time… while split raiding?! Double, double dragons?! I’m in!

This is what happens when Tarot forgets to take screenshots and asks Seveian for one. We get to see Seveian all by himself as if he killed her alone. Way to go Seveian! 😀 In reality we 2 split her and even squeezed in an OW and got 3 Vox for the price of 1!

So with that under our belts….

Let’s head over to Lord Naggy and see what he’s up to.
Another successful 2 split success!

Continuing our splits we headed over to take out a quick Phinny.

And then went underground to beat up Yael!

Was a hugely successful night. You guys are the amazesauce in our splitpea soup!
Enjoy your weekend!