Spread the VD Love!

It’s that time in Norrath again where everyone is trying to win over that special person’s heart.

Do you find yourself without a gift?

Can’t afford that Diamond Wedding Band?

Your friends at M&M have a solution for you!

Make her some Erollisi Heffer Marrfins and show her how much you care.
How do you make these delicious sounding Erollisi Heffer Marrfins?

Erollisi Heffer Marrfins
Clump of Dough 2 Eggs
Bottle of Milk
Winter Chocolate
Halfling Meat (they are much sweeter than Gnomes)

Pour mixture into Muffin Tin.
Bake in spit at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
Serve warm with chilled Elven Wine.

Baked Erollisi Heffer Marrfins

Pair with one of our Valentine’s Cards below and you’ll be shacking up at Hogcaller’s Inn spreading the VD Love all over Norrath!

Happy Valentine’s Day from
♥ Magic & Melee ♥