Sweet Sweet Moon Adventures

Hello Adeventurer, funny seeing you here..

Our trip to the moon.. Where we encountered new foes and friendly folks alike. Oh boy, don't forget the cat creatures .. Silly looking things, walking all upright.. And man all the snakes, so many snakes, including one giant evil snake in a temple located on the center of moons surface..

In true Magic and Melee fashion we came together as a guild for this expansion and proved once again that we can get things done.. However, we did it on our own time and gave our members the ability to spend precious time with their families for the holidays.. (by the way, thanks Daybreak for your poor scheduling on these expansions.. Have you guys even looked at when Planes of Power launches????)

ANYWAYS... It was definitely nice to see new friendships and relationships being made this expansion, with launch festivities really requiring a group of people for all the key farming. Some groups seemed to be having much different conversations than others...

Why Dirkie? Just Why ..

Thanks for the couple hour conversation about Paw Patrol, Satchy ...


Sonny apparently found a new obsession with Tegs' ass and has been stuck to it all expac long..


Did you guys know that Unoo was a religous man? We surely didn't..

We have had some amazing times during our trip to the moon, as per usual I forgot to take screenshots except for 2 ..

I promise I'll try and get better about taking screenshots for Planes of Power folks =)

Speaking of Planes of Power .. If you're looking for your next forever home, our recruitment is always open and we're on the lookout for spectacular players for our PoP adventures.. Reach out to one of our recruiters!


I'll see you all soon!