The end of the Planes..


Hello and good day Adventurers,

It's been a couple months since we last spoke. Magic and Melee has been on fire since the launch of Planes of Power. We found out quickly that Plane of Time was no small foe as we had been used to facing. It took us a bit to get into our split raiding rhythm. Easing in and splitting a little more each week. Not long into the expansion though, we made the call to arms, had our members ready their weapons, and dust off their spell books. We told them, "Tonight we three split Time, all the way, every boss and foe that stands in our way will wish they hadn't." The force came together and from that night we launched into a loot frenzy, three splitting all content every week. We took this head of steam right into Lost Dungeons of Norrath and laid waste to all of those raids with three splits as well.

Magic and Melee, I'd like to remind all of you, that we are one of only two guilds on Mangler to successfully three split Plane of Time as soon and as often as we did. Only one other guild on the server was able to pull off three full Plane of Time splits (/cheers Europa).

Magic and Melee now takes rest for a night or two while we prepare for the launch of Gates of Discord. New foes await us in these distant lands. Foes many of us have never seen before. New adventures and quests await us in the lands of Discord. Magic and Melee is prepared for this challenge, and like all other challenges previously laid before us, we will conquer it. Because this guild is comprised of so many great and talented people, knowledgeable leaders, dedicated members, and Rambow (He goes by Mesiah now btw, weird)

Take rest for an eve my friends. In the coming days we lay waste to anything standing in the way of us slaying Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax.



Warlord Remloch the Godslayer