Velious – An Underdog Story

Why hello there! Funny running into you here on the website. Spending most of my days making snow forts in the various new snow zones and throwing snowballs at adventurers running by I haven’t been able to update the website as frequently as Kunark was allowing me to. I was able to send off the raw footage of our Velious launch to a production company out of Oakland, California. Personally, I love the Bay Area and on this launch everyone was getting pretty hyphy. As things took a more serious tone throughout our launch plans to achieve world first Vulak`Aerr kill on Mangler, my thizz face took a stern turn.

For some of our most brazen adventurers this was their first trek through the dreaded North Temple of Veeshan and through our tactical prowess and insurmountable knowledge of the dreaded North Temple of Veeshan we concluded our event in a short 4 hours and 3 minutes. The bonus DKP was up for lobbying and Suvus and Hempo bartered hard that day at the round table trying to get our members as much DKP as possible for achieving such a feat. As seen in the picture below, we used our clip boards to brace the documents we were studying vigorously so the documents wouldn’t be damaged or torn as we wagered for higher and higher bonuses.

Eventually everyone online for the launch received a cool half g or so they call it in the bay. This was mostly due to Hempo, his tactics working the round table proved to be quite the obstacle when numbers were being tossed around. Thankfully for those clipboards, everyone received their DKP in a safe and organized manner and many have begun spending their Velious Launch Bonus.